World Powers Should Focus On Eradicating Water Pollution

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Did you know that 1.5 billion people in the world do not have safe drinking water? What if you were one of those unfortunate people? (Elements of Earth Science). Everyone needs to be informed in the matter. For instance, many people are being affected such as China, The United States of America, Australia, and other world powers. These world powers should focus on eradicating water pollution, which will eliminate many health risks that society and the environment faces. Water pollution is affecting many forms of life directly and indirectly throughout the globe; likewise, it can be disastrous for the future generations. For example, one of the most disastrous and harmful “types of” pollution deal with the factor of it being direct…show more content…
Rain is a main factor to indirect pollution; specifically it is one of the most common causes that has harmed the environment. There are two main factors that make rain a main indirect pollutant. One example is that rain can wash pesticides into the streams and waters, harming more life. Rain can also be mixed with carbon dioxide, thus, when it rains. it creates acid rain, which can be harmful for trees and plants; likewise, it also can kill other fish and mammals. Rain is the not the problem though, it is the people who are making rain contribute to the problem (Elements of Earth Science). Pollution has been harming the environment just as it has been harming the human population. China has had to deal with many issues with the water that they are provided with. The China Pig Spill dealt with the slaughter and illegal dumping of diseased pigs, in which the authorities had to go fishing for 16,000 carcasses (Vorosmarty). China also had to deal with many polluted waters from all the contamination. For example in China 75 percent of the chinese population only have access to polluted water (Hogan); however, other countries also tend to suffer such as the United States and Australia. Australia has had to inform their residents to restrict water use, and the water dwindled to a six hour supply (Vorosmarty).Australia did this because there was a lot of disease in the

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