World Religion

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Religion is a hard word to define. Some might define religion as believing in a high power, deities, or a single God. Others define it as a belief system that has more to do with culture and traditions being past down from generation to generation than anything. According to (n.d.), religion is define as the belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe. No one knows what the first religion was or when it was founded, but today there are countless religions that people are associate with. The top five religions of the world today are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hindu. Over 33% of the world population consider themselves Christians, 21% Islam, Hindu is…show more content…
They are all Muslims and they practice Islam, but they differ in some of their belief and teaching. She said the reason there are two groups of Muslims is because when the Prophet Mohammad died there was a disagreement on who the new leader should have been. When asked what group she belongs to, she explained that she was considered a Shiite in her native land, but refers to herself as a Muslim of the Islamic faith. Shirin goes on to explains to me the story of the Prophet Mohammed and how he grew up poor. It is also said that he was illiterate until Allah revealed himself to him one day while he was in a cave mediating. The angel Gabriel asked Mohammad to read and he responded back to Gabriel that he could not. It is said that from that day forth, Mohammad was able to not only read but he was also able to write. This is the beginning of how Mohammad was chosen as a prophet from Allah and asked to write the Qur’an which was to restore the true meaning and teaching of Allah. Mohammad supposedly received revelation from Allah for the next twenty three years which was transcribed into the Holy Qur’an. Contrary to what we see on television Shirin said that Muslims are not taught to be violent. They are taught to respect all people regardless of race, color, or nationality; because they believe that everyone is children of Allah. I also learned from my conversation that all Muslims are taught to respect the prophets
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