World Religion: Mormons Essay example

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Since the mid 1800s, Mormons, or also referred to as the Latter-Day Saints, have been a thriving religion in the United States. Founded by Joseph smith in 1830, it has grown from a small group of outcasts to a significant size of nearly seven million followers. Joseph Smith was the first prophet and president of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. After the murder of Joseph Smith in 1844, a man named Brigham Young migrated with bulk of the Mormons to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1847, where they made their home. Today, president and prophet of the current Church is Thomas S. Manson who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City is the home of the Mormon Church headquarters, much like Rome, Italy is the hub of the Roman Catholic Church. Mormons accept the basic teaching of Christianity, but like all Christian denominations, they have their own particular take on things.
There is a lot of debate and confusion on the topic regarding whether or not Mormons are related to Protestants, or even Christians. The founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, did in fact come from a Protestant background, and many Protestant presuppositions create a part of the foundation of Mormonism. According to the Catholic Church, it is incorrect to call Mormons Protestants, or even Christians. Gordon Hinckley, the former president and prophet of the Mormon Church, says that he and his co-religionists "are no closer to Protestantism than they are to Catholicism." The doctrines and teachings…