World Religions Chapters 2-3 Summary

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1.) A.) Name and discuss several the major theories of the origin of religion. There are several theories of the origin of religion. The first theory of the origin of religion is the animistic theory, Theorized by Herbert Spencer. The Animistic theory theorizes that the gods of the primitive people were founded on dreams of the recently deceased. The theory basically means that the primitive people believed that there dreams where visions of another world; and they believed that their leaders and hero’s went their after death. While this Theory has a ring of truth to it, the jump to believing there another world because of a dream seems drastic. This theory was later expanded. Another theory of the origin of religion is the nature…show more content…
The first aspect that stands out to me is that Native Americans do not fear death, but they do fear the mistreatment of the dead. It would seem in most cultures that death itself is fear, and the removal of the dead is mournful but not revered. What can clearly be seen is the bravery of Native Americans in the face of death, which clearly shows their firm belief in what was true for them. Many religions believe in two souls, but while most believe that you body is taken to another world, Native Americans believe that you body roams as a free spirit on this world. And Unlike many religions they do not believe in a heaven or hell, they believe that all go to the Land Of The Dead. It is astounding to me that Native Americans do not have a punishment for those who were evil in life; but the texted does explain the Land Of the Dead could also be full of sorrow for some. The Hindu belief in reincarnation is hinted at in some Native American beliefs, but is mostly left out of most. What surprised me is that their no emphases on the Ancestors, which seem like a very common belief in most basic religions. The generalization of Native Americans belief of death and life after leads me to many questions of what the original belief they held. There where many cultural systems, so there is no doubt that there was some who believed in reincarnation. In
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