World Religions Comparative Essay : Hinduism And Buddhism

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Reba Khoshabe
Mr. Lombardi
18 November 2015
World Religions Comparative Essay: Hinduism and Buddhism Evidently, all of the religions in the world have different beliefs. Beliefs are the basis of one’s behaviour. Everything an individual does, traces back to the beliefs they have about the world. Hinduism and Buddhism are two religions that originated from the same nation, India. Both religions share beliefs on different paths to enlightenment, beliefs on reincarnation, and both believe in the spiritual practices of meditation. The purpose of this paper is to further discuss these beliefs, along with their similarities. These religions believe that there are many paths to freedom from suffering, and enlightenment, including overcoming feelings and controlling the 6 senses; hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and mind (TeenInk, “Buddhism vs. Hinduism”). Both religions believe in a way of freedom from the cycle of rebirth (reincarnation). This determines whether you will continuously come back to Earth after death, in order to complete the cycle and reach fulfillment. In Hinduism, the path to freedom is called Moksha. Moksha causes liberation through Karma, Jnana (path to enlightenment), and Bhakti (the path of love and worship). Karma is the way of living that reveals a consequence for each action committed. It can lead to bad consequences for negative Karma, or good consequences for positive Karma. It is possible to attain Jnana from

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