World Resources And Unequal Distribution

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World Resources and Unequal Distribution In a world run by different resources, we will never have enough for ourselves. In the modern world, resources such as rare earth elements, oil, and water are always in demand. The United States of America alone consumes more resources and energy than it produces. But what about other nations? Some nations such as Japan, Great Britain, and South Korea are industrialized nations with many advantages over resources. Other developing nations such as Haiti, Ethiopia, Angola, and even Afghanistan are not as industrialized. Why? Many of the world’s resources is almost unable to reach the most poorest and unindustrialized parts of the world. This can be due to factors such as hostile terrorists, lack of transportation, lack of basic necessities and so forth. Unequal distribution of resources is not just a world issue but the reason why this exists is because literally, resources are used more than what is produced and it cannot uphold the current population of over seven billion. The issues concerning unequal distribution of resources towards poor parts of the world won’t stop others from solving this issue. There are already plans that are taken into action to help industrialize and strengthen the poor parts of the world. To begin, the unequal distribution of food can be averted with the right planning of sharing and disbursement. In the past, there were events in history where the world combated hunger but it was not enough due to
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