World Traveler, Women 's Health Activist

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World traveler, women’s health activist, leader in an international organization; all of these things can be used to characterize Judith Timyan of Durham, North Carolina. Timyan works with an organization called FHI360, located in Durham, North Carolina where she currently resides though it is not where she spends most of her time. The world traveler does exactly that, travels the world. She and her husband, David, spend most of their time traveling around the world due to his job with the federal government. As she travels, she continuously promotes gender equality, specifically in health care, and works alongside women to teach them more about proper health care for themselves and for the women and children around them. Her main goal she says is to give women the information and knowledge they need to improve their own lives as well as the lives of those around them in order to work towards a better and stronger world. Timyan was born in Africa and lived there for the first fifteen years of her life. While she lived in an urban city in South Africa, she did witness a lot of poverty in neighboring countries and even in her own. While she was too young to understand what was causing that poverty, she saw how it was affecting the lives of the people living in it and knew she wanted to spend her life doing something to help. As she got older she saw the poor health the people were in and saw the lack of health care given to women and decided that was what she wanted to devote
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