World View: A Critical Thinking Assignment

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World View Critical Thinking Assignment I. A worldview is a person's concept of what the world is, how the world operates, and the place he or she has in the world. The worldview can also encompass the philosophy of life held by the person, because life philosophy and understanding of the world are generally linked to one another. In other words, a person who has a highly religious worldview would very likely have a philosophy of life that encompassed the need for a kinder world, and that included the relationship between what happens in this world and the promise of an afterlife. The person who has an atheistic worldview would be expected to have a philosophy of life that was different from that of a religious person, and that encompassed different things that were important to that person. A worldview can change over time, of course, because it is generally shaped by parents and school at an early age. As a person ages, he or she explores the world and sees it differently, which can lead to a change in the overall worldview held by that person and how he or she will choose to respond to the world in the future. II. There are many beliefs held by those who agree with and support the biblical/Christian worldview. Among these beliefs are questions of origin, identity, meaning/purpose, morality, and destiny. These are all questions that those who believe in the bible explore as they learn about their world and what they believe comes after they leave this world. There are
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