World War 1 Persuasive Essay

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The world was completely unaware of the bloody future that awaited them before 1914, the world was at peace and ignorant not willing to see the future. For the ever country in the world was to busy trying to become more powerful then the next, and the best way to accomplish that were alliances. Alliances were made so that if one country went to war, their allies would also go to war with the same enemy. But this strategy proved deadly when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed and the entire country was dragged into war. World War one began in 1914 and ended in 1918, and it was the first total war fought via trench warfare, which proved to be a bloody combination. World War I shook the entire world by making the distance fear of world destruction a reality, and how it could be started by one death, the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. At first the countries of the world felt as though it would be a quick and easy war…show more content…
Before the war he was a man who rarely thought about life after death, who thought that he was never suppose to leave his safety net, and a man who thought of war as a heroic peaceful battle. But after World War One, and the many tragedies that he suffered, Tolkien had a complete realization, that there was life after death so he had nothing to fear, that war was a tragic event that only brought more destruction, and that it is a person's duty to leave home so that they can protect it, and so it can keep its innocence. With all of these realizations Tolkien wanted a way to express these lessons to his child, and to the world, so he created Lord Of The Rings, a fantasy world in which the smallest of characters, Hobbits, save the world and learn the same lessons that he did. Tolkien was motivated and inspired by his personal journey, fighting in World War I, to write his novel Lord Of The Rings, in which he told of his loss of innocence in a corrupt
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