World War 2 : Argumentative Essay

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World War 2 Argumentative Essay World War 2 was a massive war which engulfed the whole world from 1939 – 1935. There were 2 different sides in the war. These two sides were the Allies and the axis. At the start of the war, the Allies consisted of Great Britain and all of its colonies (such as Australia) and France. The Axis consisted of Germany, Italy, Japan and the Soviet Union. At the start of the war the axis powers were dominating. Germany used “Blitzkrieg” (Lighting war) tactics very successfully and overran many countries using it. But some major events occurred and turned the tide of the war to the favour of the Allies. However two of these major events are most often talked about to be the reason that the axis powers eventually lost. One of these events includes the Japanese attack on pearl harbour. This brought America into the war and onto the side of the Allies. The other of the two events was instigated by Germany itself. Germany decided to attack one of their allies. This ally was the Soviet Union. There is often a lot of debate about which of these events is greatest, that is to have had the biggest effect in the war. So the question has to be asked, was it the US entrance into the war that made the defeat of Germany inevitable, or it caused by the German attack of the Soviet Union. In my opinion it was not the US entrance to the war, but the German invasion of the Soviet Union that made the ultimate defeat of Germany inevitable. This is because they put
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