World War 2 : The Good War

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World War 2 was known as the good war. The fight for democracy was a big deal to president Franklin and it was a very well fought war. America throughout the war learns to overcome things and start to become more accepting. The war helps unite both blacks and whites to a fight for the same goal. We get our revenge of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, we work with a very brutal dictator, and we tried to stay neutral for as long as we could. For example in doc 1 the president is advised to stay out of the war that it wasn’t worth it. The president ignores and goes on because he sees how the bombing of Pearl Harbor affects Americans. He explains how this is a fight for democracy and America will always have something to do with this. In doc 2 the president says he will be on your side as long as you have the same goal, to fight for democracy. This fight focuses on the fight for democracy while putting other things such as race aside.

In Charles Lindbergh’s radio address of 1941, Charles talks about having analyzed what could happen if we were to join war and what it would take to be successful doc 1. Lindbergh was a famous speaker for the America First Committee so he was heard for not wanting to enter war. Lindbergh had concluded that under no circumstances would they be able to win this war for England. The United States tried to stay neutral for as long as they could because they knew what they were getting into wasn’t worth it. President Franklin though seemed to completely
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