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During the course of the Second World War, Canada evolved into a powerful, resourceful nation that was needed by the Allies. Canada contributed significantly to the Allied war effort during World War II where they fought on land, water and air and assisted indirectly from the home front. On land, they fought in numerous battles and campaigns such as D-Day, Hong Kong, and the Italian campaign. However, they were also strong and resourceful when it came to air and naval forces in battle. But even outside of battle, Canada was still able to make a contribution through its civilians. Some of Canada’s greatest challenges and major contributions on land during the Second World War were centered in D-Day, Hong Kong, and the Italian…show more content…
These battles fought by Canadians on water and in the air were significant contributions to the Allied air and naval forces.
Canada’s contribution in the Allied war effort did not only come from Canadian soldiers, but also from regular, everyday citizens who never saw battle, such as those involved in the Canadian war industry, BCATP, and the Corps of Canadian Firefighters. The Canadian industry supplied a great deal of war materials for the Allies, producing “more than 800,000 military transport vehicles, 50,000 tanks, 40,000 field, naval, and anti-aircraft guns, and 1,700,000 small arms.”6 Canada’s strong war industry was required to produce as much ammunition, weapons, and vehicles as they could in order to defeat Germany, who had great industrial power at the time. In 1939, Canada became the home for major recruiting and training for pilots during the Second World War in an organization called the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Throughout the war, Canada had graduated 131,533 airmen, including pilots, navigators, bomb aimers, wireless operators, air gunners and flight engineers.7 These men would later become involved in the war in the air, and their numbers would greatly contribute to the Allied air superiority. During the Battle of Britain, German air forces relentlessly bombarded London and

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