World War Between England And France

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Throughout the course of human history there are countless manifestations of conflicts that prolonged decades, let alone centuries. When one first hears of drawn out European conflicts the foremost one that comes to mind is the Hundred Years War between England and France. However, the Reconquista, or the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain) fought between Christians and Muslims, was considerably lengthier, spanning 770 years from 722 at the battle of Covadonga and ultimately ending in 1492 with the expulsion of Muslim forces from Granada. The Reconquista began in response to an invasion of the peninsula in April of 711 by the Moors. Generally the Reconquista is thought to be a 700-year of ideology, “but it would be…show more content…
These kingdoms of Castile, Navarre, León, Aragon, and Catalan were ruled independently and often warred against one another, resulting in further fragmentation. This fragmentation affected the economy of each kingdom also. For example the economy of Castile was based off of the concept of the Maesta, which were large collectives ruled by noble families who controlled large herds of sheep in favor of agriculture due to the harsh environment of the plateaus that Castile was situated. This led to an increased dependency of trade with, “the finest example of these busy plateaus, however, is in the centre of the Spanish peninsula, the plateau of the two Castiles, Old and New chequered with roads or rather tracks which were none the less inundated with people on the move, swarming with caravans of arrieros…They transported anything that could be sold along the way, wheat and salt, wool and wood, earthenware and pottery from Talavera… to maintain the links between the peripheral regions of the peninsula which surround it and in places separate it from the sea. It was this, and not Castile unaided, as has been said which made Spain. This traffic determined and, it could be said, revealed the basic economy” . Due to the lack of natural resources found in the plateau regions of the Iberian Peninsula it comes as no surprise that the Reconquista took
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