World War I: A Brief Overview and the Canadian Bestowal

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World War I A Brief Overview and Canadian Bestowal
Once the world begins to compete over resources, the first ever depiction of intense greed for power and dominancy was demonstrated in the World War I. The fierce and blood shedding war was a threat for the world peace and international relations. The war did not last for more than four years and three months, beginning from august 4, 1914 till November 11, 1918. But the after effects of the war were a burning question to all the sovereign states of the world. As the war was an attempt of sixty states to oust the 4 empires; the German Empire, the Hapsburg Empire, Turkish Empire and the Russian Empire. In the course of the World War I ten million fighters lost their lives and about thirty million were wounded, besides the valuable lives of the soldiers the war coasted about £ 35,000 million As a matter of a historically acknowledged reality the Paris Treaty gave America everything they wanted because ever since the inception of treaty America enjoyed significant importance. But yet irrespective of the Americas desire Canada did not felled in the array of the American Revolution. A number of reasons were responsible for these acts a few of them are discussed.
The most significant reason was the adaptation of the British parliament to the Quebec Act, 1774. According to this act the rights were given to the Roman Catholics and the French language as well as the French civil laws. This induced a feeling among the Canadians

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