World War I And America

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Rose Hernandez
Professor Flowers
History 106
4 December 2015

World Wars and America

Before America stepped into World War I and II, nations around the world were not getting along. The fear of radical change and the fear of not having peace and freedom lingered in the air, meanwhile, America did not want to be in any part of both wars. It wasn’t until the U.S. came under attack that they stepped in to help fight off the enemies. America entered both wars in order to bring back peace as well as promote democracy and ideas of freedom, which led them to being a world power.
At the beginning of World War I, President Wilson did not want the United States to participate in the war. America remained uninvolved until German submarines attacked the Lusitania in May of 1915, which included 124 Americans on board who were killed. President Wilson felt that the attack gave them a reason to enter the war, and on April 2, 1917, he went to Congress to declare war against Germany. After declaring war, it was revealed that Arthur Zimmerman was trying to convince Mexico to be on Germany’s side of the war so that if they won the war, Germany will retrieve the land that the U.S. took from Mexico. It was also around that time that the Russian Revolution took place after Vladimir Lenin overthrew the czar. The following year in January, Wilson released his Fourteen Points that summed up his hopes for order between nations and also mentioned making the world safe for democracy as well as open…

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