World War I And II

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In 1914 World War I broke out and not too long after World War II followed. This conflict led countries against each other and in contrast brought them together. New developments and changes occurred following this war just as they did previous ones. The world is constantly altering itself and wars help speed this up by following with advancements in technology, philosophy, and literature. Change resulting from WWI was either frowned upon or embraced and new forms of expression arose within art, literature, and beliefs. As some authors took on a new way of thinking others were stuck in their ways and preferred a prewar era. Amongst the two wars, World War I and II, the United States was well on its way to becoming a fully modernized nation, a major industrial power, and political power (Baym 656). Although this was a big step for the country a large mistrust of the government was gained by the people as the Great Depression took place and other issues arose.
As World War I came to an end the United States was still primarily consisted of farmers and small cities (Baym 653). During this time deviations were occurring including emerging growth of larger cities, global conflicts, and important new advances in industrialization all thanks to the First World War. There were those who easily adapted with the new ways and lifestyles that followed the war and believed that was the right way to go. There were those who had an uneasy feeling about the way things were going and…

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