World War I And The Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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The start of world war I was brought on by several different contributing factors. The most important cause were militarism, alliances, imperalism, and nationalism. Among those causes, the world war I break out also had a lot to do with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. Archduke’s death quickly set off a chain of reaction of events culminating in the the outbreak of world war I. As you read this essay you will learn about the start of world war I and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Militarism means that the army and the military forces are given a high profile by the government. the growing European divide had led to an arms race between the main countries. the armies of France and Germany had…show more content…
European nations ruled smaller countries, called colonies. The purpose of Imperalism is to build up national wealh and influenced by owning colonies. Both France and Britain had many colonies in Africa and Asia. In the 1880s and 7090s, Germany and Italy decided they wanted a colonial empire, too. This was the horror of the war.
Nationalism is having pride in one country or nationality. Countries were far more concerned with their own interest than those of Europe as a whole. It also gave groups of subject people the idea of forming independent nations. These lead European nations to complete to build the largest army and navy. Many people wanted freedom from “foreign” rule.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was born on December 18, 1865 in Granz, Australia. Archduke was assassinated June 28, 1914. Him and his wife, Sophie, was killed by a teenage Serbian nationalist. His death quickly set off a chain reaction of events culminating in the outbreak of world war I. The Austria-Hungary government saw the assassination as a direct attack on a certain country. everyone believed that the Serbians had helped the Bosnian terrorists in the attack. they made demands on the Serbians which the Serbians rejected. Russia also mobilized their army to help protect Serbia. When they heard that Serbia rejected the demands, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Years later, Germany declared war on Russia to help its ally Austria-Hungary. Then France began to mobilize to help Russia, and Germany followed by declaring war on France. That’s when World War I
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