World War I And The Civil Rights And Peace

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Healthcare is highly regarded in Australia as a nationally growing industry that is always thought to as high priority. Nursing history is a big part of the knowledge base that Registered Nurses must contain to be able provide educated care. Australia’s access to healthcare has grown and is still growing. Nursing first began in 1954 with Florence Nightgale and her team of 38 volunteers started organising equipment at a Turkish hospital (Bradford, 2009). Many factors of history then changed nursing not just in Australia but all around the world. Events such as : Wars, Diversity in Australia, Union Movement, Industrialisation, Hygiene Movement, Civil rights and peace, Women’s Movement and community healthcare Movement. Three of these events will be outlined and explored throughout this essay: War, Diversity in Australia and civil rights and peace. Each of these has changed the way that nurses go about their role and how Healthcare has changed.

World War I and World War II brought on the highest urgency for nurses to enlist to help in the war zone. WWI 23,000 nurses served and going into World War II brought the highest level of casualties the world had ever seen and was in high demand for the 78,000 nurses that served. These miserable conditions and lack of supplies made all the serving nurses create new ways of practice. Especially in the civil war, nurses had to learn new ways to cope with large amounts of patients coming in at once. After WWI a nursing training school
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