World War I And The Great War

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Ever since the fall into sin nations have fought over resources and over who could have the most power. World War I, also known as the Great War was the outcome of many tensions and a sequence of calamitous incidents that plunged Europe into a disaster zone. Due to the use of the machine gun and trench warfare, most of the war was a battle of attrition between the “Triple Alliance” and the “Triple Entente”. Millions of people fought and died in this war, among them thousands of Canadians. There have been many attempts to reconstruct experiences and battles of the First World War in prose, poetry, lyrics, and in film, however they are not very useful in understanding what the Great War was actually like. There is no way of putting into words or acting out what those brave soldiers went through. Stories, poems, songs, and movies cannot fully describe the sights, smells, tastes, noises, emotions, and the things that were physically felt by the soldiers who took part in the Great War. First, fiction and film cannot describe the sights and smells that soldiers on the battlefield went through. While movies can in some ways portray the sights that might have been seen, and the movie sets can have many useful props and fake blood, a true World War One battle scene is very difficult to portray properly on film. It needs to be thoroughly researched, and the information that is used isn’t always perfect. The truth is very difficult to record, and the sights are often not the way

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