World War I And The Great War

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World War I, also known as the Great War, was one of the most important and traumatic war in history. It left many countries in devastation and chaos. Countries involved in the war, like Europe and America promised to prevent any other future world war because of the millions lives taken and the destruction caused to the world in the previous war. However, peace was not enjoyed for long and after two decades, the Second World War began from the issues that were left unresolved from the previous conflict. There was not one specific factor that started World War II, but many causes of which two of those were the economic instability of Germany and the resentment of Italy and Japan over the Versailles Treaty that was put forth after World War I. World War II was the second most destructive and disturbing war in history that lasted for six years and resulted in tremendous casualties. America was an isolationist nation for a long time and supported focusing on domestic crisis rather than involvement in foreign affairs. After World War I, President Franklin D. Roosevelt embraced Woodrow Wilson’s vision that the United States should take in making the world “safe for democracy”. He assured Americans that the nation would not “use its armed forces for the settlement of any international dispute anywhere”. Despite the unwillingness to enter any war, America entered World War II just as it had done so in World War I even with its effort to remain neutral, after the attack on the

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