World War I And The United States

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Nestled in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University is a small, wealthy and prestigious school. During this time, the early 1910s, World War I is starting and the United States does not want to get involved unless necessary. Air superiority has not become a major military factor. That is until a group of young prominent men known as the “Millionaires Unit” at Yale start a flying club due to their interest in aviation and patriotism to the United States. As Germany attempted to cause a Mexican revolution across the border, a group of 12 men thought they should learn how to fly and enter the war—If and when the U.S ever got involved. The original 12 were star-studded athletes at the Yale University who were involved in all aspects on…show more content…
were anxious to help out in a way they can. World War I was the first major war fought between several different countries. Unlike other wars this was a war between major populous countries fighting against other countries. The war brought new tactics and weaponry that were never seen before such as trench warfare, the use of airplanes and machine guns used in battle. Being that this was the first international conflict there was a sense of national eagerness and preparedness, which was felt on Yale 's campus. In fact, Yale 's President Haley stated, “ One is to be too much prepared for war; the other is to be too little prepared. I believe we are in the latter boat.” ( Chapter 3) Some students went on and left school as soon as the war broke out and went to fight on a side such as Trubee Davison. The U.S created volunteer training camps in many states, and some students even started a military force on campus. After these summer training camps, the men who participated were itching to get involved overseas and fight. Flying in war was something done by aristocratic families. The boys of Yale came from many prominent families. It was a privilege in the 19th century to go to college, unlike now where anyone can enroll. These men wanted to pave their own paths and make their own names for themselves. Flying in the war gave them this opportunity. Aviation was the last unexplored frontier that would make American a world super power. The earth had been
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