World War I By James L. Stokesbury

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Questions 1,2
Q.1 Nationalism- Very possible that nationalism amongst the European states along with the Russian Empire all had a strong view to how Europe should look, and in doing so sparked more fuel into the fire that caused World War I. Old schoolmasters would say “It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country” states were now being viewed as a person rather than an entity, the only thought process people had in the late nineteenth century and previous years was in order to grow a nation one must take it from another.
The fact that these ideals of a sense of nationalism that sparked so much hate towards one another was an irreversible path that sparked a World at War. From the story A Short History of World War I by James L. Stokesbury talks about nationalism through one man’s poetry “A natural son of nationalism was therefore born, called militarism. Many virtues were obviously in for an era that admired Rudyard Kipling’s poetry, and what trues test of manliness than war?”(p13) He then goes on to say that for over 100 years Europe hasn’t seen a war and that it looked attractive at the time. It then poses the question, can there ever be a world peace for a long extended period of time, are we so in tune to our natural instincts and behavior that war is the only way to settle differences. In the time frame leading up to World War I, that was the answer.

Technology- Technology wasn’t a factor in the cause of World War I, but more…

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