World War I By James L. Stokesbury

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Miles McClure HIST 3121-E02 8/24/14 Questions 1,2 Q.1 Nationalism- Very possible that nationalism amongst the European states along with the Russian Empire all had a strong view to how Europe should look, and in doing so sparked more fuel into the fire that caused World War I. Old schoolmasters would say “It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country” states were now being viewed as a person rather than an entity, the only thought process people had in the late nineteenth century and previous years was in order to grow a nation one must take it from another. The fact that these ideals of a sense of nationalism that sparked so much hate towards one another was an irreversible path that sparked a World at War. From the story A Short…show more content…
Not only was the industrial revolution going on, but more advances in weapons and how powerful technology actually was used during this time. Such items as the machine gun caused more people to die as a result, no one knew the power that these items had capable of doing until they were actually used in war. Old military ideas however remained the same in WWI, wars have always been won in the past by whoever got the most men onto the field the earliest. Since that was the old ideology of winning a war added with trench warfare and finally adding the fast pace of technology with newly acquired advanced weapons of the time equaled a massive amounts of the deaths during this time that no one saw coming. That poses the question, does technology itself have an impact on war or is it how it used is the key factor? Triple Alliance- Triple Alliance - Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy had a full offensive-defensive alliance (signed 1882). At this point in history this meant if any three of them got into war even if they started it themselves the others would follow. Britain, Russia, and France formed the Triple Entente. Britain, France, and Russia all had one thing in common, they hated the Alliance (more so Germany than anything). It also didn’t help that the Russian an Austrian had different ideas of what each country wanted with the Balkan Peninsula. While Germany was off getting
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