World War I Research Paper Assignment

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World War I Research Paper Assignment

World War I Research Paper Assignment IAH 202, Section 733

Joshua Bloom


One shot, that is all it took. Nobody could have anticipated that pulling a trigger would create years of distress, pain, and suffering. That is all it took, a man with a gun killing Arc Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914. This one event triggered World War I, almost 17 million deaths, damage that could not be repaid, and years of suffering. However, not everyone can agree that one event was behind a war of such magnitude even though it was the trigger to the start of the war. What prolonged and evolved the war were the following three factors: the belief of nationalism of one’s country and desire to
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Nationalism started with the revolution of France and England with the Enlightenment principle after the defeat of Napoleon. This created a ripple down effect on the people of Germany, Italy, and other eastern European countries to gains its independence who were groups of people unified by a common language. Both Germany and Italy wanted to embrace Nationalist ideals to strive for European power like England, France, Russia, Austrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. But in order to gain European power, Germany and Italy had to build industrially and expand territorially. Germany expanded territorially by taking land from Denmark while Italy took land Austria.
Now that self-determined countries were rising it created a sense of tension throughout all of Europe between the countries. Not only was there tension between Germany and Italy but many other wars were resulting in the quest to conquer new land. One example of this is the Balkans Nations Independence resulting from the fall of the Ottoman Empire. With the escalation of tension and fear it hit a turning point causing countries to recognize they needed to make treaties to secure the countries safety and fight together. This realization created two man powers being the Allies (England, France, Russia, Italy) and the Central Powers (Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austrian Empire).
While nationalism was the fuel to the fire, industrialization was behind the combat of the war and had a big impact on how the war
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