World War I Research Paper Assignment

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World War I Research Paper Assignment

World War I Research Paper Assignment IAH 202, Section 733

Joshua Bloom


One shot, that is all it took. Nobody could have anticipated that pulling a trigger would create years of distress, pain, and suffering. That is all it took, a man with a gun killing Arc Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914. This one event triggered World War I, almost 17 million deaths, damage that could not be repaid, and years of suffering. However, not everyone can agree that one event was behind a war of such magnitude even though it was the trigger to the start of the war. What prolonged and evolved the war were the following three factors: the belief of nationalism of one’s country and desire to be the top country, the push for industrialization to progress the warfront to include new technology that was never seen before, and colonization to replenish both manpower and natural resources. The effects from the three factors of nationalism, industrialization, and colonization greatly increased the magnitude of the war in all aspects and ultimately determined the outcome.
Nationalism is a way of bringing people within a country together but with that comes tension and competition. The people in a Nationalist country were motivated by this idea of unification to make their country stronger and together form the big picture of Nationalism. This idea of people in one nation striving with each other to make a country great was a major…

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