World War I : The Causes Of World War I

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“World War 1 is considered as one of the greatest events of the 20th century where the war lasted for more than four years, occurring from 1914 to 1918 with over thirty-eight million casualties”(Lohr, 2014). The cause of the war has been debated for decades but it is assumed the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by the Serb on June 1914 could have triggered the war. Besides there are certain forces that caused the war such as nationalism, imperialism and military power as many countries believed in economic and military supremacy. Pan-Slavism was a movement that was aimed at uniting all Slave people in the mid-19th century. The movement had its roots based on the romantic nationalism, which based its concept on ethnicity were considered a feature of national identity causing tension of war. This essay discusses some of the reasons America remained neutral to the war. Then, later joining the Great War in 1917 and seeing it through to the end. Consequently, it discusses issues revolving around the Treaty of Versailles and the role President Woodrow Wilson played during the era of the war.
“The outbreak of World War 1 was greatly influenced by the increase in military power, imperialism and nationalisms. The European nation believed in the economic and military supremacy of their country. The attitudes and overconfidence in their country assured them that their government and military were fair and without blame” (Lohr, 2014). The love of one’s country was partly responsible
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