World War I : The Treaty Of Versailles

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World War I was a horrific experience for all of those involved because of the extremely high casualty rates. It was even more devastating for those that found themselves on the losing end of the war, including Germany. Post-war Germany went through a major socialist revolution. One which led to the formation of various communist political systems. Due to the establishment of the Weimar Republic, these politically radical arrangements faltered and dissipated. Soon after its enactment, the Weimar Republic was forced to sign a rigorously binding treaty by the Allied powers. This treaty that was imposed is known as the Treaty of Versailles. Among its ironclad constituents was a clause where Germany was required to accept complete…show more content…
Their intentions included ridding the gaps between religious and social classes, learning how to be the ultimate leader, tolerance of violence against Jews, and discrimination against nations that gained territory at Germanys expense. These sub goals were meant to ensure a “culture” that depicted Nazism and national pride. Scholars for many years have argued that Nazi propaganda was a sure successor in gaining German support, but recently this argument has been scrutinized. After analyzing many articles and journals, it is clear that the third Reich had failed in their attempts to mobilize public opinion through propaganda. They were unable to mobilize the opinion of multiple social classes that Adolf Hitler was clearly aiming to sway, which results in failure according to his definition of success that will be later analyzed. Scholars including Nicholas O’Shaughnessy argue that the Nazi regime was successful in selling Nazism as the “Nazi brand” through propaganda. According to O’Shaughnessy, Hitler did not believe that Germany could win the war through military efforts alone, and were required to use propaganda to solicit support and aid in this victory (57). His propaganda was segmented, anti-Semitic, managed, creative, and steeped in manipulation. The propaganda that the Nazi Party propagated was flexible to the extent that they were able to maneuver successfully around any new event that were to surface by creating new arguments related to
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