World War I, Took Place Between The Periods 1914 To 1918.

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World War I, took place between the periods 1914 to 1918. During this period, the British had already settled in India and were oppressing the local Indians. When the war broke out, they asked the Indian soldiers to take part in the war with a promise of Independence if they emerged victoriously. The Indians kept their word and sent their soldiers to war and even became successful, but the British did not keep their end of the deal. They failed to grant India their independence and continued to oppress them. Therefore, the Indians felt that their soldiers had helped the British win their wars at their expense and thus did not consider them as heroes. They even failed to honor the soldiers similarly, the British downplayed the contribution…show more content…
These Indian Muslims fought against their fellows mainly to support the British Empire as they had been instructed. These people risked their lives and fought for the British Empire, yet close to nothing is recorded of their heroism. They have been neglected altogether in the history of this Great War.
Clearly, the Indians were used as soldiers for the British Empire. India as a nation also provided them money, ammunition and large supplies of foodstuffs. The British did all these through taxing the Indians, mostly those from the rich states. They did all these under a pretense promise of Independence following the end of World War I if the Indians kept their word. India was, however denied the promise given to them by the British even though Britain won the War.
The problem is that history has forgotten the sacrifices that these people made mostly to gain independence that they did not even receive from the British government. One finds that other people who took part in the war such as Canadians, South Africans, and New Zealanders among others, are commemorated and highly celebrated; the Indians are not even recognized. In the histories of the War, their heroism and even stories have been absent, and if they are mentioned, they are included in the footnotes. These Indians underwent painful experiences most especially those who fought in the
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