World War I Was A Great Power

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On August 4, 1914 Great Britain declared war on Germany because the Germans attacked France through neutral Belgium. When Kaiser Wilhelm II took control of Germany, relations between Germany and Britain began to change because Wilhelm II wanted Germany to be a great power. Britain recognized Wilhelm’s II strong economy, large population, and powerful armed forces as a threat capable of dominating Europe, therefore, Britain began to support Russia and France, joining the Triple Entente. Under the Treaty of London of 1839, Britain had promised to defend Belgium, bringing Britain into war once Germany invaded Belgium. When Germany invaded Belgium, they relied on the idea that Britain would remain neutral. Since Germany threatened Britain with their growing forces, Britain honored the Treaty of London with Belgium and entered World War I. Britain had no formal treaty with France there was an understanding that, in the event of a war with Germany, a British Expeditionary Force would cross to France and take up a position alongside the French Army. Entering World War I, the British army was outnumbered and unprepared. The British army entering World War I was made up of an Expeditionary Force, in case it was necessary to take part in a foreign war. The Expeditionary Force or (B.E.F) was comprised of six infantry divisions and four cavalry brigades, making it a small army compared to the other countries who were a part of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. The pre-war
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