World War I Was A War

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World War I was a war fought between the Allies and the Central Powers in 1914 through 1918. This was the first international war in the twentieth century and possibly the most deadliest war since. Every country was bringing out their finest advanced weaponry and their most strategic methods to succeed. All of the new advanced weaponry and strategies had a huge impact on the way the war was fought. The soldiers entered the war with horses and simple rifles, but left the war with tanks, flamethrowers, machine guns, and even technology like poisonous gas. With all this new technology impacting World War I, the Allies and Central Powers had to create new strategies/technology to fight and defend with, the inhumane methods of killing people were used, and the true horrors of war were revealed through new technology. The most impactful thing on the war has to be trenches. Trench warfare did many things: Prolonged the war, destroyed nature, and caused many soldiers to become sick. It is safe to say that trench warfare prolonged the war because people would just sit in the trenches and wait for attacks. The trenches were like headquarters for them because they ate, slept, and fought from there. With the technology of trenches, both sides of the war would just camp out in them and wait for either one of them to push. It was a back and forth battle and no one was getting anywhere with the war. It is safe to say that if trench warfare wasn’t a thing than the war would have ended a…

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