World War I Was A War

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World War one was a war unlike any other before it in history, with trench warfare and chemical weapons the battlefield was foreign to even experienced veterans. It was also at this point in time that nationalism started to become bigger and bigger. Leading to the belief that the citizens of the countries involved in the war had to enlist or due their duty in order to make their family and country proud of them, otherwise they would bring shame to their family and country. For the enlisted men and women, though this perception quickly changed when they were at the front and seeing the war first hand. Those who stayed home though and those who went to the front lines soon become alienated from each other. Creating a huge divide for the enlisted men and women on the front lines and back home, making it difficult for them to fit back in if ever back home. Young men and women who fought in World War I were alienated by the youth and elders back home due to their lack of understanding of the burdens of being on the frontlines. Many of the men that were drafted in World War I were so young most had not known what it was like to start a family of their own. The only thing they knew was their immediate family, and their immediate family for the majority was all consumed on the idea of nationalism. This was definitely true in the case of Not So Quiet when Helen’s mother says “We were so proud, Daddy and I, of our two war girls” (Smith 184). With this idea it was hard to tell the…

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