World War I Was An Option Of Peace Or War

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Given the option of peace or war there is an obvious choice. Do not be fooled because there is only a single way to obtain peace and that is to surrender. To appease those who oppose you and to want to live on your knees than die on your feet. This sort of idea is heard from many who are safe at home, eating dinner with their families and watching reality tv. Many things can pit countries against each other and those things can also push them to war. The slaughtering of thousands for the sake of materialistic desires is a disease that can numb the sense of morality. World War I was inevitable, there were smaller and weaker countries being taken over and Europe’s more powerful countries were divided between the Central Powers and the
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Princip was dying and saw the pain and anger of his fellow man and wanted to die for something he believed in. Not to die a victim of disease but a hero of his people. So he assassinated an archduke in retaliation of his country being claimed when they were promised freedom. As long as you have those who will oppress you will have those who are willing to die to free themselves and those around them.
Martin A. Treptow was a young man who went to France in 1917 with the Rainbow Division. He was killed on the western front while trying to deliver messages between battalions under heavy artillery fire. On his dead body they found his diary, in it this man wrote an entry under the flyleaf. “America must win this war. Therefore, I will work. I will save. I will sacrifice. I will endure. I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.” People often forget why the soldier goes to fight. They forget that millions, forgetting the sides, died because of things that could have been prevented. Some would argue that they could have reached an agreement diplomatically by talking and discussing the problems. To talk out these issues, the speakers must be equal. Those who oppress and those who are oppressed are not equal. No one was speaking for Bosnia and so a young boy at the age of 19 fought back in the only way to get their attention. He fought back against them even if knew he
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