World War I ( Wwi )

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World War I (WWI) brought unprecedented change to the world. Never before had the entire world engaged in such brutal conflict. World War I brought about great pain and sorrow for the whole world. Even countries who were not directly involved in front line combat bore the suffering of financial and social limitations that affected the entire world during this time.
The young and still forming country, Australia, was also deeply impacted and permanently changed by WWI. Australia’s close connection to Britain, its mother country, meant that Australia fell into the grip of all that World War I brought to the rest of the world.
Approximately 416,809 Australian troops were sent to support Britain in WWI. The majority of these troops were young men with the rest of their lives still ahead of them. 60,000 Australian soldiers were killed and 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner. There were also more than 2,000 nurses that were sent from Australia to help care for wounded soldiers.
Every community across Australia was impacted by World War I in some way.
There were many underlying tensions that led to the outbreak of WWI in 1914. The main tensions were between the dominant European countries of the time. These countries were caught in a power struggle that divided Europe. France, Russia, Belgium and Greece formed an alliance against Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey. Immense political, territorial, and economic conflicts were occurring between these two groups. Both
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