World War II : A Modern World Power

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As World War II came to an end, the United States began emerging as a modern world power. The road to becoming a new world power was long and plentiful. After numerous years of fighting in World War II, years of backing breaking work and dedication, our nation arose as a world superpower. With this superpower, the U.S. would prove its dedication to its people, its help for other countries, and its demand for peace. Once America gained the status of power, many challenges and opportunities were created and faced. Out of these challenges and opportunities came a time of great fear along with many accomplishments. Throughout the journey of being a modern world power, the country tackled an abundance of both high and low points. To conclude,…show more content…
The overall attitude of America and its military help to set a tone that the United States was willing to take charge and wouldn’t let down without a fight. A mixture of these things allowed the U.S. to emerge as a great superpower in the world. As time continued with the war, the United States created the first atomic bomb. Soon after, they used these to “free-bomb” Tokyo and Hiroshima in 1945. This was something new that others had not seen before, because of this people were terrified and feared the bombs. Quickly after, the U.S. also invented the first hydrogen bomb, which was even bigger than the first. Although, the Soviet soon followed in our footsteps, it proved to others that the U.S. was not messing around. After the war, the creation of the United Nations helped the U.S. to both gain more world power and opened many new opportunities. With the construction of the United Nations, the U.S. became one of the four policemen. Therefore, we were in charge of a large area within our part of the world. If a problem arose, we were committed to interfering to avoid larger scale problems, such as war. The first of many challenges with the Soviet arose shortly after the creation of the United Nations. While the Soviet was also a large world power, it became obvious that Russians and Americans had two very different goals. In the meantime, the U.S. accused the Soviet of breaking promises that were made in the UN and in turn cut aid to the Soviet. The Soviets
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