World War II And All Of Miseries

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Christopher Congdon

November 30, 2015


Ms. Love
World War II and all of Its Miseries
World War II is one of the worst occurrences that has taken place during the time humans have occupied Earth. Families were split, loved ones were lost, and masses were killed. World War I left Germany defenseless and vulnerable. As for the world, many were exhausted and wanted peace. Nothing was stopping Nazi Germany from doing anything; in the meantime they had taken over Austria in 1938. No one realized how evil their leader, Adolf Hitler, could be if not stopped. Hitler did not acknowledge the Versailles Treaty; he knew what was on the horizon. In preparing for the war, Hitler felt the need to make peace with the Soviet Union (Rosenberg, Jennifer). During the time frame of 1939 to 1945 the Axis Powers and the Allies fought almost continuously. Nazi Germany started the war to try and overtake Europe and create one power (Rosenberg, Jennifer). Not only was this a terrible clash of powers that resulted in war but many other horrific things occurred such as: the attempt to exterminate Jewish people, and the battles men had to struggle to survive in fighting for each other. At the time, not many knew the effect the war would have on our future and how people would alter their views toward one group or another. Although the whole situation was bad, it could have been a lot worse.
September 1st was the day. Nazi leader sent "1,300 planes" and "2,000 tanks and 1.5 million well-trained
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