World War II And Its Impact On The World

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What first comes to mind when you hear about World War II? Is it how it greatly affected different societies or how scary it is to think that a terrorist like Hitler gained so much power over so many countries? Well, the real question that we should be really thinking and learning about is what is World War II about? In general, World War II was a war that involved many countries that started after the First World War. It started in 1939 and ended during 1945. It was a very important war to all people, involving many countries such as Germany, Britain, France, Italy, United States, etc. I guess in a way if we did not have WWII, some revolutionary industrial products would not have been designed for advancements in warfare technology that we use today. This war was the war to end global wars for good, which shows how much of an impact WWII had overall. World War II was important because of its global impact on the people during this time, the revolutionary industrial advancements, and it still affects us today as a whole. Many events happened to lead up to this global six year war. Before World War II began, it was the end of the First World War. At this time, the League of Nations formed the Treaty of Versailles, which failed to stand not so long after. Germany was against the Treaty of Versailles because it put them into a very bad depression period because of the huge debt they had to pay after their loss in the First World War. The countries associated with the
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