World War II And The Field Of Nursing

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In this research I studied World War II, different aspects of it and articles from this time. We studied four different topics, one was on the sciences and in the field of nursing. This article explained the care British nurses gave to victims of typhus during this war. Humanities was another topic, and it covered the history of this war and of Adolf Hitler. Social Sciences was another topic, and what education was like for music education during the time of World War II. The last topic was business, and how weapon technology during this war were advancing. All of these sources explain World War II in different ways, and connect all of these different topics from different point of views. The first article that I am going to compare is the one in sciences, and the field of nursing. It explained the care British nurses gave to victims of typhus during World War II. This paper included material from nursing and medical journals published between 1940 and 1947. Some of the writings come from Dame Katharine Jones, who had communication with nurses on active service overseas. According to this journal there has been very little writings on nurse work during World War II. This article and how it was written focused on the wartime nursing from the care of soldiers to the needs of civilian population. It was written with information from journals and writings from nurses who were involved in healthcare during this time, but also had research along with the journal writings. This
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