World War II And The Great Depression

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The highly numbered risks of war have rigorous effects on societies around the world. World War II had positive and negative effects during and after the war. After the war, the formation of the United Nations helped negotiate and maintain peace, and during the war more jobs helped get the United States out of its biggest economic crisis, the Great Depression. Although, some economists argue that by creating more jobs during World War II, put America into even more debt than the country was already in. Standards of living lessened during the end of the Depression and the start of the war, but people understood the changed lifestyle was for a good cause. During World War II, The Great Depression and the United Nations helped create peace of mind in the United States. The dawning of World War II began with Hitler and his ideas. One of Hitler’s vicious plans grew to create his own special empire of German people and he did not want to let anyone or anything get in his way. His plans and ideas turned into an action in September of 1939, “…Adolf Hitler’s bombing planes were dropping death all over Poland. On Sept. 3, the United Kingdom and France declared war” (Rothman). Because Hitler wanted so strongly to be number one, he created another world war by killing all people who stood in the way of his rise of power. Furthermore, a tragic battle brings America into World War II. The surprise attack made by the Japanese came to strike at the location of the Pearl Harbor Naval
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