World War II And The Great Society

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Which has proven to be more impactful on American History: World War II and the New Deal, or the Vietnam War and the Great Society? Both wars were brutal and changed the lives of many Americans, and both programs, the New Deal and the Great Society, had huge impacts on the poverty rates in the United States. World War II in Europe began on September 3rd, 1939, when the Prime Minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany. Thanks to the Allied and Axis powers systems, many of the world’s countries were involved in this massive war. Germany’s unprovoked attack on Poland was the start of World War II. The war was six years long, resulted in over 60 million deaths, and involved Germany, Italy and Japan on the side of the…show more content…
At the war’s end, these factories were converted into factories where appliances and automobiles and other vary luxury items would be manufactured. There was a new, high demand for luxury items such as televisions and new houses after the war. During World War II, men AND women were both making a whole lot more money, and since this money could not be spent during war time due to rations, there was a huge amount of people spending their savings made during this time after the war, and this had a major positive impact on America’s economy. World War II affected American Society in so many different ways. Wartime posters and the victory in Europe caused a huge sense of patriotism in many Americans. Women were forced to begin work and became spenders. Minorities were beginning to be integrated into sports, music, and movies; and Civil rights issues for women and minorities started becoming more and more important throughout society as well. World War II’s extensive scientific research lead to many new technological advances. New inventions, new products, new understandings of life. There were also new forms of music and art that started becoming popular during the time of the Second World War such as Jazz, Blues, Western Swing, American Urban Art, and Abstract Expressionism. Politically, World War II also caused many changes. After the war, American was no
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