World War II And The Korean War

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Modern warfare is warfare using the concepts, methods, and military technology that have come into use during and after World War II and the Korean War.[citation needed] The concepts and methods have assumed more complex forms of the 19th- and early-20th-century antecedents, largely due to the widespread use of highly advanced information technology, and combatants must modernize constantly to preserve their battle worthiness.[1] Although total war was thought to be the form of international conflicts from the experience of the French Revolutionary Wars to World War II, the term no longer describes warfare in which a belligerent use all of its resources to destroy the enemy 's organized ability to engage in war. The practice of total war which had been in use for over a century, as a form of war policy, has been changed dramatically with greater awareness of tactical, operational, and strategic battle information.

War in modern times has been the inclusion of civilians and civilian infrastructure as targets in destroying the enemy 's ability to engage in war.[disputed – discuss] The targeting of civilians developed from two distinct theories.[citation needed] The first theory was that if enough civilians were killed, factories could not function. The second theory was that if civilians were killed, the enemy would be so demoralized that it would have no ability to wage further war.[citation needed] However, UNICEF reports that civilian fatalities are down from 20 percent
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