World War II

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WWII Reading Questions 1. Who was Joe Louis, why is he important, and why did he help to increase black enlistment into the military? He was important because he defeated a white boxer and encouraged blacks to enlist in the army 2. What was the first concentration camp and when was it set up? Dachau, 1933 3. What groups of people were targeted during the Holocaust? Jews, Gypsies, Polish Catholic, Russians, mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, and political prisoners. 4. What was the “Final Solution”? The mass murder of Jews 5. Based on the reading, describe Auschwitz. more than 1.6 million were killed in Auschwitz, they didn 't feed babies to see how long…show more content…
What actions did Germany take after dropping out of the League of Nations? He went seeking more land in England 26. What areas was Hitler able to annex without interference of Britain and France? Austria 27. What is appeasement and why were Britain and France looked at as appeasing Germany? Appeasement is to make someone happy. They kept giving Germany breaks 28. What was agreed upon in the German-Soviet non-aggression pact? that the soviet union could have control over poland 29. What event caused the war to begin and what was Germany’s war tactic? WWI. Germany 's war tactic was tp become the master race 30. Who became Prime Minister of Britain during the war? Winston Churchill 31. What was the German Air Force called? Luftwaffe 32. After failing to destroy Britain, what actions did Germany take? They invaded Belgium 33. What events occurred between Dec. 6 and Dec. 11, 1941? Soviet forces repulsed the German attacks on Moscow. This was Hitler 's first defeat 34. Between 1935 and 1941, how was the US involved in the war? We responded to the war by issuing a proclamation of neutrality. In 1941 the President offered a Lend-Lease aid to the Soviet union. 35. What actions did the US take against Japan because of their expansion throughout Asia? America froze all Japanese bank accounts in the US. 36. When did the bombing of Pearl Harbor occur? Dec 7th 1941 37. In what ways was this attack not a total disaster for the
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