World War II Project Essay

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Kevin Shen Ms. Rosen Period.7 1/19/2015 World War II Project Essay Rommel is well respected for his tactical skill on the battlefield. Given open terrain and the ability to maneuver, Rommel was a highly successful commander who was able to outmaneuver or overcome the strengths of his enemies. This character was shaped by his willingness to put himself in danger, specifically the front line. The first time he shines is in the Battle of France, his forces were attacked by enemy troops near the town Arras. The heavily armored British tank were too well protected for the standard German anti-tank weapons of the time. To break the British attack, Rommel established a gun line Flak batteries which could take out the tanks. In addition, his division moved with such speed and seemed to come out of nowhere in the battle seemed would earn the division the nickname "Ghost Division," His best campaign was in Africa, where he with a largely Italian troops would drive the British from Benghazi to El Alamein. Here, with his skills in moving the troops was able to outflank and inflict heavy casualties on an enemy force that outnumbered him greatly and generally had more high quality troops available to them than were available to Rommel. In Tunisia, he would also route enemy units in the Battle of Kasserine Pass and achieved such a military success that he could have broken Eisenhower 's whole army forces in one fell swoop and extend the African campaign by months.
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