World War II : The Causes Of World War II

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World War II,1939-1945, caused lots of destruction to many people and many countries.The war was fought between two groups,the axis power and the allied power.The axis power included Germany,Italy, and Japan while the allied power included Britain,France,Canada,New Zealand,The Soviet Union,China and the United States.There were many different events that could be linked to the start of the war including the Germans invasion of Poland.The Germans invasion of Poland led Britain and France to declare war on Hitler's Nazi’s and since Britain and France declared war that meant that all of the allied powers would also go to war with them.The casualties in World War II totaled to over 60 million including both innocent civilians and military personnel. On December 7,1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan and on December 8,1941 president Roosevelt declared war on Japan officially entering America in WWII.Before the bombing the American people did not want to get involved in the war because it was during the Great Depression and they couldn't afford all of the damages and problems that the war would bring.The Americans thought they would be protected since they were such a far distance away from where the main part of the war was taking place so they let their defences down and they were bombed.Since America was still feeling the effects of the Depression,they had to work extra hard to prepare for the war.The machinery in factories were running for 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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