World War II : The Great Depression

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Danielle Gentry Gary Damon American History II 10:00 MWF 25 April 2016 World War II Two decades after the first World War happen another world war occurred known as World War II. There were many causes that led up to this war. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I, but Germany had to accept the responsibility of the war. Therefore, Germany economy went downhill and people were starving because of war debt. The Great Depression had a big effect on a lot of countries; therefore, countries started adopting fascism. Fascism was another problem that helped lead to World War II. Fascism started in the 1920’s in Europe and it meant that each country was run as a dictatorship. This way of government controlled the lives of individuals which people couldn’t disagree on how the government was run. The countries that were taken over by fascist were Italy, Spain, Japan, and Germany. Mussolini, Franco, and Adolf Hitler were known as the dictators. They wanted to expend their power and look for new lands to conquer. In 1931, Japan took over Manchuria because they claimed that Chinese vandalized the railway. However, Chinese believed it was an excused to invade Manchuria. Germans were desperate to have someone restore their economy and national pride. Therefore, Adolf Hitler gave them some hope. Hitler became the dictator of Germany in 1933. He didn’t like the restrictions that Germany had because the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler wanted to rearm Germany so he allied with Italy.
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