World War II : The Great War

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World War 1 also known as The Great War started for a number of explanations; discrimination and imperialism, militarism nationalism, and alliance. According to the World of information imperialism is the policy which is expanding the country’s power and acquiring new land or countries by force. Militarism is when a country wants to preserve the strongest and most defensive military strength. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire where central powers of WW1 but the allied powers where France, England, Russia, and the United States. Many of these countries joined World War 1 because of Alliances, where they had a treaty with that country or countries that in a challenging times they would be there to help in any way possible even if it meant they are set in the middle of a world warfare. Austria-Hungary was dissatisfied with the Serbian government because they felt as though they did not do all they could have to bring the person who assassinated Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by a young Serbian nationalist to justice. So in result Austria issued an ultimatum to Serbia which demanded that Serbian overturn all anti-Austrian propaganda and to take any measures necessary to remove all terrorist establishments especially the Black Hand; which was a group they believed to be assisting killers by supplying them with weapons and allowing them to use the path from Belgrade to Sarajevo, and they demanding an answer within 48 hours. Austria-Hungary knew that

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