World War II : The Holocaust

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World War II is know for the horrific Holocaust and all the painful treatment and torture the Jews had to endure, but life before the Holocaust was not all that great for the Jewish citizens of Germany. There was much discrimination and hatred towards the Jews during that time, and there were many events that happened before the Holocaust, and many of those events were part Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi 's plan that would lead up to the horrible genocide, known as the Holocaust. Kristallnacht or also called the Night of Broken Glass was one of those events, but it was a spontaneous event, for it was not part of Hitler 's master plan. Even thought it is an event one can assume Hitler planned out way before it happened, it surprisingly was not. As Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, the Jews began to come to a realization they were being treated differently. From the time Hitler arose to leadership, to the time when World War II began, Jews were affected with over 400 decrees and regulations, and these controlled their private and public lives. Not only did the Jews have to deal with these new decrees and regulations, but they had to deal with the rudeness they encountered with their fellow German citizens. The Germans were beginning to be taught to treat the Jews harshly. Therefore, life was beginning to become extremely difficult for the Jews. ("Anti-Jewish Legislation in Prewar Germany"). On November 7, 1938, Ernst Vom Rath, a German Diplomt, was shot by a…

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