World War III Essay

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...I remember. It was all a blur. I remember sitting on the cold dusty floor; in the stadium, at my school. We all had no clue what was going on. The students, staff and facility staff, we were all jam-packed in the stadium. In front of all of us there was a tall dark man who had a skunk’s tail around his face, his shoulders were brawny, and His face was cold sober. The tall man thought that We were so naïve and absurd wearing, poppies on and kept sniggering every time he took a glance at us. What does what? Who is he? I also wanted to know why he is here those were the questions that were circling in my mind. The tall dark man looked very intimidating he looked as hard as a brick. He had three men on each side of him, looking like…show more content…
With boldness he declared “my father died a very tragic death”. I and my friend Asra looked at each other with rage.” My father had a dream to change the nation and I wish to accomplish the dream for him”. Contrary to what Dedrick had said, Mr. James leaped up from his seat and marched up to Dedrick with vexation. “What do you mean you’re going to accomplish the dream for him” he roared with an outrage. I could see that he had revulsion in him.Dedrick calmly said that he would take over England. Everybody gasped with horror. I felt like this was the beginning of the apocalypse. Mr. James asked him hesitatingly “w-what are you doing here then?” Dedrick kidnapped the microphone away from the table. With a villainous smug look Dedrick talked through his plan. His plan was to distract the Media, by making sure that they focus on his soldiers keeping the Whalley range student’s hostage. While Dedrick and his other soldiers try to get England to be theirs, they also tried to make Germany the most powerful country, I suddenly felt shackled to the ground. Two days later we are still in the hall surrounded by army men. We all felt like we were at deaths door because of our long lust for food. I was curled up almost looking like a sphere rocking to the beat of the silence. When I uncurled I saw a Rebecca shaking, I gradually walked towards her. She blacked herself out of the room using her blazer. I didn’t say anything I just put my arm around
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