World War III Flashbacks

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were giving him WWII flashbacks. Indeed, gunfire at 3 a.m. is grounds for complaint – personally I enjoy that sort of thing, but I guess it's not for everybody. Co-producer Damien Parer handled this potential disaster with great expertise. He hired a barrister and headed to court to request the right to discharge firearms until midnight. But when the complainant's counsel stated that his client was a decorated war hero, it looked like we were sunk. Then the judge inquired about the decoration. The “Iron Cross” was the answer. The judge's face hardened and we were allowed our requested firearms curfew. We finished those scenes in a couple of days. But it was a lesson to me to be more sensitive to environmental impact on the civilian population.
G&C: Any wild on-set parties?
BTS: The wrap party, commencing when shooting finished at dawn, offered a
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How dangerous was that stunt, and how high was the jump?
BTS: It was dangerous but well worked out. The jump was a record for a vehicle of that weight at 163 feet. Guy knew his business and still does – just see Mad Max: Fury Road.
G&C: Oh, I have many times! Glad it won six Oscars! Severin Films recently released a killer uncut special edition Blu-ray of Turkey Shoot, with extra helpings! This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Dead End Drive-In. Dead End Drive-In is such a cool movie! It welds so many genres, and styles together. It’s futuristic yet nostalgic at the same time. I love its apocalyptic punk aesthetic! Do you have any plans to release a special edition Blu-ray soon? A commentary with you and Quentin Tarantino would rock!
BTS: I don't control the copyright. Maybe a new distributor will fund a Blu-ray. There's an interpositive in London somewhere. It would be great to see the gleaming neon and rich color at the Blu-ray
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