World War III : Short Story

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WORLD WAR III He opened the safe and it had gone. No one had the code. Who could have opened it? It was August 4th, 2045. The war was not looking good, and thousands had died. The only thing that could end the war was gone. It was over. So they called in Detective Brown. The dim lit room was covered with smoke stains and bullet holes. “Sir… the plans are gone,” the soldier guarding the plans was whimpering. “How could you let this happen!” The General roared. “I believe I can catch the thief before he returns to France, General,” Detective Brown stroked his moustache. “You mean he isn’t in France yet?” The General smiled. “I want troops in every corner and every street of America!” “There might be a mole. We can’t risk it.”…show more content…
“ I caught you kid!” The soldier stepped on his shoes, punched him and started running. “Ow!” The Detective started to run but slipped onto the cold hard ground. THUD! The Detective woke up in a dark cold room. It was the hospital room that the rebels took over in 2025. “Are you alright sir?” the soldier asked. “Hey! Get over here!” Detective Brown grabbed a reflex hammer and started swinging. Two soldiers walked in and restrained him with zip ties. “Who are you?” Detective Brown took a look around. “Where am I?” “My name is Thomas James. I am a spy for the president, I’m no rebel.” the soldier smiled. “Sure.” Detective Brown replied sarcastically. Thomas rolled down a vial of blood. “Test it. I’m completely off the grid.” “Are you letting me go?” Detective Brown grabbed the vial as the two soldiers cut off the zip ties. “We don’t need you here,” Thomas chuckled. “You aren’t a rebel for sure?” “My father was. I’ve never met him. Found flags all over the place.” Thomas threw a key at the Detective. “You are always welcome.” “Thanks.” The Detective ran to his office and started testing the blood, when he got a voicemail. “Hey Detective. I found the culprit. It was the soldier guarding it. Tomorrow is the trial. Verdict is probably treason. Penalty for treason is execution. Haha. Bye” The Detective grabbed the tester and looked at it. No match. Similar matches: Dexter James. BAM! The door burst open and five men walked
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