World War Ii Timeline

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World War II Timeline [pic] [pic] [pic] 1933 January 1.30.1933- Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany, bringing ideas of Nazi Party with him June 6.14.1933- Nazi party outlaws all other political parties, signaling the beginning of a totalitarian regime October 10.1933- President Roosevelt recognizes the USSR and establishes diplomatic relations 10.14.1933- Germany leaves the League of Nations 1934 December 12.29.1934- Japan denounces the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and the London Naval Treaty of 1930, identifying that Japan would no longer abide by the treaties which were intended to prevent an arms race and massive navies. 1935 March 3.16.1935- Hitler violates the Treaty of…show more content…
7.26.1940- US withholds gasoline from Japan. In an attempt to make Japan surrender, and weaker. September 9.3.1940- FDR agrees to give Britain 50 Destroyers in exchange for naval bases in Newfoundland, Bermuda, and sites in the Caribbean and the South Atlantic. 9.25.1940- Expansion of Japanese Embargo. The US now includes steel and iron to the Japanese Embargo, which already included gasoline (July 26,1940) 9.27.1940- Tripartite Agreement- Japan joins the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and now Japan) October 10.31.1940- Battle of Britain ends. German Luftwaffe bombing strategy fails to quash British morale. November 11.20.1940- Hungary and Romania sign the Tripartite Agreement. Becoming part of the Axis powers. (Germany, Italy, Japan, and now Hungary and Romania) December 12.29.1940- FDR Fireside Chat- FDR claims that the US must be an “Arsenal of Democracy.” Similar to the reasoning for WWI, which was “To make the world safe for Democracy” 1941 March 3.1.1941- Bulgaria signs the Tripartite Agreement. Becoming part of the Axis powers. (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania and now Bulgaria) 3.11.1941-Lend-Lease Act- authority to sell, transfer, or lease war goods to the government of any Allied country. ENDED AMERICAN NEUTRALITY 3.30.1941- US Seizure of Ships- US seizes 65 Axis ships which have sailed into American ports. April 4.13.1941- USSR and Japan sign a neutrality pact.
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