World War One And End Of The Twentieth Century

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• Starting from page one you get the feel that it is going to be an excellent read, the book opens with short observations from the twelve people look at the Twentieth Century. Each give there view on the century that was, and how their views or lives have been influenced with the circumstances that have been handed out over this period. This contracts between wars and massacres and goes forward to technology and science.
• This book begins with World War One and ends with the diminish of communism; this introduction gives a brief overview of the highs and lows of which the following chapter go into further detail.
• Hobsbawn uses his own experiences and memories to give a powerful interpretation of the simple facts of the mass slaughter, social upheaval and economic transformation of the twentieth century.
• Between the years of 1914 to 1990 the worlds population trebled even with the fact the human decisions allowed more people to die than ever before and more people were killed in the century as well.
• Hobsbawn believes that the Russian Revolution was one main reason for great changes, but he also acknowledges that capitalism political class was in respond to the Nazi threat.
• He believes that there are three main changes from the beginning to the end of the short twentieth Century; the first is that the world was no longer Eurocentric. This brought the decline and fall of Europe, who at the beginning of the century was still the Centre of civilization.
• The second…
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