World War One On The Side Of The Allies

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World War 1 was a war that began in 1914. It consisted of many countries around the world who chose to fight for either the allied powers or the central powers. The War was fought mainly in Europe and it started with just European countries fighting. Later, more international countries started to join World War 1. The United States of America joined the war in 1917 on the side of the allies. Even though many people believed that the US should have stayed out of World War One, America joined the War on the side of the allies for benefits such as, moral diplomacy, dollar diplomacy, and constable of the world. Moral diplomacy was used by the US in this time period spread democracy and promote peace. America wanted to improve their economy. Also, America wanted to boost their social standing and be viewed as more powerful by the rest of the world. There were a variety of benefits that could be gained from America entering World War One on the side of the allies, which the United States of America thought outweighed the idea of remaining out of the War. Even though America did end up entering World War One many people in America thought it would be in their best interest to remain neutral. One reason is that it would save many Americans lives (Why did the U.S. enter World War I? worksheet). A lot more people would not die if America had chosen to remain out of the war instead of entering the side of the allies. When America chooses to enter the War, many more Americans lives are
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